From Kids' Educational eWriters to Modular Paper Playsets

 - Mar 22, 2016
From educational ewriters that allow for marker-free coloring to paper island playsets that facilitate easy clean-up, there is clearly a growing demand for mess-free toys for children. Indeed, as parents lead increasingly busy lives, these new products help to encourage creativity, while simultaneously taking the hassle out of playtime cleanup.

One of the most interesting ways that toy manufacturers are making toys easier to clean-up is by leveraging digital interfaces. For example, Boogie Boards allow children to virtually doodle on a transparent, app-enabled surface. Another example is the JouJou Cube Touch, which uses digital stamps to encourage creative play with different tablet-based games.

Beyond digital technology, the shift towards mess-free toys for children has also seen a rise in alternative art supplies. This means that instead of crayons, markers and finger paints, children can now unleash their creativity with materials that are easy to clean. Some examples of synthetic art supplies include a fake snow-like material that won't stick to carpets or surfaces, press-on glitter made with a mess-free adhesive and bath-specific paints that easily wash away with water.