The 'Starling' is a Children's Wearable That Tracks Each Word Said in a Day

 - Oct 25, 2015
References: coolwearable & indiegogo
Although we typically associate wearables with fitness, the 'Starling' is a vastly different product. The Starling is a children's wearable that attaches to a child's clothes, stroller or carseat and tracks each word that is said and heard each day.

Creators of Starling have researched the effects of vocabulary development and found that improvements made earlier in childhood can create a positive trajectory for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, the team boasts that 82% of brain development happens before the age of three. In using this research, Starling will be paired with a smartphone app that provides information and analytics, but more importantly, recommends activities parents can do that ensure a child will continue to improve.

Starling is not only a fun and educational tool, it is part of a larger movement that hopes to revolutionize people's mindset regarding early education.