From Customized Makeup Printers to Skin-Analyzing Smart Mirrors

 - Mar 16, 2016
These female-focused tech devices were designed with women in mind. From beauty-centric gadgets to devices that ensure a woman's safety, these items benefit all kinds of women.

While most mobile phones have been made gender-neutral, the Cyrcle is a circular cellphone made specifically to fit into a woman's smaller pockets. Like cellphones, smartwatches are also made genderless but the Huawei smartwatch, and the HP Isaac Mizrahi watch are both designed with an ultra-feminine aesthetic. These female-focused tech devices go on to include smart jewelry pieces such as the Athena necklace, which sends alerts when the wearer is in danger, as well as the Leaf wearable, which also focuses on a woman's personal safety.

Moreover, female-focused tech devices also pertain to convenience products such as Ivanka Trump's gadget-charging handbag.