'Athena' is a Wearable Designed to Protect Women from Physical Assaults

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: indiegogo
'Athena' is a small wearable with a big mission -- to protect women from physical assault. The small device can be worn in a variety of places and can be triggered with a push of a button. Once a women feels unsafe, pressing the button will sound a loud alarm from the device, as well as send text messages to loved ones detailing the precise location of where Athena was triggered. Although the device is not connected to authorities, Athena can draw attention from those around, and acts as a deterrent for criminals.

Athena can also be used in a 'silent mode' in situations where loud alarms won't be of help. In this mode, emergency text messages will also be sent to designated contacts. This particular model is Athena's jewelry line, but the company hopes to create others as its technology continues to evolve.