From Performance Wear Slacks to Distressed Rapper Lines

 - Nov 29, 2015
These November 2015 fashion for men ideas range from performance wear slacks to distressed rapper collections. While sportswear continues to reign as the preferred aesthetic for most urban dwellers, a new-found marriage of aesthetics and comfort is leading to products like loungewear sets that resemble suits and dress pants that are surprisingly stretchable, breathable and easy to wear.

These examples are appropriate for work and formal affairs much more than classic sportswear but feel just as comfortable as a traditional athletic uniform. Next to comfortable formal attire, other standouts include sustainable style finds like vegan leather backpack and plant-based shoe lines that offer style and durability while protecting the environment.

Furthermore, these November 2015 fashion for men ideas also include removable collar shirts, upscale sneaker hybrids and even spooky seasonal suits that can extend far beyond Halloween. These particular examples appeal to lovers of versatility and can be mixed and matched or customized to fit one's lifestyle.