Edward Cuming's Collection Blends Primary Colors and Sculptural Forms

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: edwardcuming & lanciatrendvisions
Edward Cuming's 'Color Me In' collection draws inspiration from Modernism and its artistic roots. Made famous by greats like Piet Mondrian and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the artistic and architectural movement relies on primary colors and simplistic shapes that are juxtaposed together.

While Edward Cuming's geometric statement tees mimic Mondrian's iconic canvases of blue, yellow and red grids, his Sculptural coats take on a more organic shape and are a subtle homage to the abstract works of Kandinsky. Drawing inspiration from iconic art, this homage to modernism is subtle and elegant rather than overtly literal.

A graduate of England's University of Westminster, the Australian designer showcases a delicate balance of creativity and experimentation while creating garments that are ultimately wearable.