From Superfood Face Serums to Custom Nail Polish Kiosks

 - Jan 30, 2016
A look at the top 2015 cosmetics trends reveals a growing demand for products that are not only good for consumers, but also good for the planet. Although organic and cruelty-free cosmetics have been around for quite some time, new technology has made these brands more visible and more accessible. As a result, many consumers are shopping around for all-natural versions of their favorite products.

The shift towards chemical-free comestics is similar to the movement towards more natural food products. As a result, many brands have made an effort to create products that are made from organic and plant-based ingredients. This also means a renewed effort to produce cosmetics that are cruelty-free.

In part, the shift towards natural cosmetics also comes as a result of increased access to brands from all over the world. As the top 2015 cosmetics trends reveal, consumers are eager to test out new beauty products from countries such as South Korea and Japan.

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