Cleanse With Benefits is a Range of Luxury Soap Inspired by Nature

Cleanse with Benefits is a brand dedicated to producing lush aromatherapy soap and organic skincare.

Inspired by her grandmother's self-sufficient lifestyle on a farm in Western Australia, Cleanse with Benefits founder Hepzabeth began soap-making as a hobby. Before long, the pastime had quickly escalated to a lucrative business. Each artisan soap is made with cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and Australian olive oil. In terms of aesthetics, Hepzabeth favors blooming patterns, often opting for poppies, lavender and roses, though each bar is different in style and design.

Consumers are no longer content with pampering themselves with mere luxury; instead, they are turning to hand-crafted artisan products, ensuring that no two products in a collection are the same. It is this combination of customization and luxury that is intriguing for self-indulgent consumers.