From Zero-Waste Cork Backpacks to Self-Sustaining Terrariums

 - Dec 23, 2016
As consumers begin to understand the importance of minimizing their negative impact on the environment so as not to further accelerate climate change, gifts for the eco-conscious consumer have been on the rise.

The cork backpacks designed by Hubert Mou are ideal for the eco-conscious consumer who also values their personal style. The backpacks are made from the shaved bark of oak trees – which enhances the health of the tree while functioning as a unique base material. The backpacks are handmade, durable, resistant to water and lightweight.

Emma Sibley and Tom Murphy of London Terrariums designed these desktop terrariums that are ideal for people who enjoy plants. The bottled plant life is self-sustaining and functions as a unique and natural piece of decor in the home or office.