Ethnique Solid Shampoo Eliminates Plastic Packaging to Be Eco-Friendly

 - Aug 1, 2016
References: ethiquebeauty & mymodernmet
'Ethnique' solid shampoo is both innovative and eco-friendly because it eliminates the need for plastic packaging by coming in a solid block form.

The New Zealand-based skin and beauty company sells all of its products without using any plastic packaging. The solid shampoo comes in biodegradable and compostable materials. By using solid shampoo instead of liquid, Ethnique says: "Each bar saves an estimated liter of water by having the user lather with the water coming out of the shower."

Ethnique's other eco-friendly products include face cleanser, kid's shampoo, body wash, shampoo for men and a conditioner bar to name a few. The company is a climate-neutral, cruelty-free company and it donates 20% of profits to charities. From its products to its business operations, Ethnique values delivering a great, eco-friendly product through sustainable methods.