From Hair-Strengthening Snacks to Virtual Hairstyling Programs

 - Jan 29, 2017
2016 hair trends have seen an emphasis on how food can effect hair's growth and appearance, as well as unique tech fusions in this market that result in more creative and comprehensive approaches to hair care.

An example of nutrition now being a central focus on optimizing hair's appearance is the 'For the Love of Hair' snack that is offered by the brand Yo' Nuts. The snack is packed with protein-rich foods such as sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts – all of which are touted by this brand as being especially good for the hair. Where for a long time the North American market focused on topical hair treatments, brands are now beginning to explore more nourishing and long-term benefits for hair.

L'Oreal's virtual hairstyling program is one that takes full advantage of new technologies to teach emerging stylists what they need to know. The program is called the 'Matrix Academy' and reveals 360-degree virtual reality videos for hairstylists to watch in detail and become further informed in this practice. The unique program is completely free and is easily accessible to those who choose to purchase some form of VR headset.

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