These Hair Colors by Iba Halal Care are Halal-Certified

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: ibahalalcare
Iba Halal Care sets itself apart as India’s first halal and vegan cosmetics brand, carrying everything from lipsticks and fragrances to soaps and skincare products.

Some of the most unique products from Iba Halal Care are in its Halal Hair Colour range, which set themselves apart from chemical dyes on the market that leave hair unhealthy after it has been treated with color. The Dark Brown and Dark Coal hair dyes are free from alcohol, ammonia, sulfates and parabens and boast a henna-based formula that promises to reduce hair damage and loss.

As well as specifically appealing to consumers who require Halal-certified products, these hair care treatments are ideal for conscious individuals who value items that are pure, safe and cruelty-free.