'Tree to Tub' Harvests Soapberries That Function as Soap and Shampoo

 - Aug 14, 2016
References: treetotub & producthunt
While many hygiene products boast natural ingredients, the soapberries from 'Tree to Tub' are perhaps the only all-natural soap product that effectively comes straight from the tree. The product is a type of berry, known as Sapindus by its Latin nomenclature, that grows in subtropical regions of Asia and acts as a natural anti-bacterial, creating a gentle, cleansing lather when rubbed.

Tree to Tub delivers its soapberries sun-dried, meaning that they have virtually infinite shelf lives without any preservatives. To use them, consumers place the berries in boiling water for about five minutes to re-hydrate them. Then, they can simply rub the berries between their hands with a little water and watch as the natural lather develops.

Each soapberry can be used multiple times by storing them in the fridge or freezer once they've been rehydrated.