- Aug 11, 2017
From volcanic ash skincare sets to charcoal-infused floss picks, the wide range of charcoal-infused cosmetics available alone speaks to the current ubiquitous nature of the ingredient in the skincare and beauty realms.

A new addition to the Sephora Collection, the cult beauty retailer's private label beauty range, the Purse-Proof Charcoal-Infused Retractable Brush is a makeup tool boasting anti-bacterial abilities that is ideal for anyone used to lugging their makeup around in their bag. Proving that high quality products can also be travel-sized, the on-the-go beauty solution also has a lid that helps to keep the brush free from harmful growths.

Separately, Temkho is interpreting the charcoal-infused cosmetics craze with its charcoal towels. Designed to dry faster than regular towels, the Temkho product is also anti-bacterial and is notably made with material into which the brand itself infused activated charcoal.

From Charcoal-Infused Towels to Detoxifying Shaving Gels: