'The Takesumi Detox' is a Natural Deodorant from Bamboo Charcoal

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: kaianaturals
There are many deodorants on the market that are designed to reduce or stop perspiration altogether, but this charcoal deodorant from Kaia Naturals was made to help the body eliminate toxins in an effective way. In the process, the product's natural fermentation technology and activated charcoal fights bacteria that is known to create odor.

'The Takesumi Detox' comes in three varieties, including Lime Mint, Cold-Pressed Rose and Juicy Bamboo, all of which are made from a base of bamboo charcoal and boast a gray or black color as a result. The product comes in a cylindrical package and a convenient roll-on format.

Kaia Naturals notes that "charcoal is so potent that one gram (the size of your fingernail) can absorb enough toxins to fill four tennis courts," which speaks to the potency of the product.