Elizavecca's Clay Face Mask Blends Carbonated Water, Green Tea and Charcoal

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: us.memebox & youtube
Healing clay face masks have been used by ancient cultures and modern consumers alike, but this one from Elizavecca promises something new.

Like most clay face masks, when this one is applied, it feels as if it "tightens" on the skin, but it also begins to lightly fizz. This is because the 'Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask' is made from a unique blend of ingredients like charcoal, collagen, extracts from green tea and pomegranate, plus carbonated water, which creates the bubbling sensation on this one-step facial.

Since there is some kind of a visible action that transforms the look and feel of the frothy face mask after is has been applied to the face, consumers feel as though they are truly getting results from the deep-cleaning, exfoliating and nutrient-rich beauty product.