From Liquid Chrome Manicures to Metallic Foil Freckles

 - Jun 19, 2017
Millennial and Gen Z consumers are known for favoring products that express their individuality, and bold metallic cosmetics are a great way to do so. From metallic liquid lip glosses to chrome nail polishes, metallic cosmetics are a compelling way to add interesting, futuristic details to one's look.

As a cross between tech and cosmetics, metallic face masks have grown to be quite popular with young consumers. Their intended results vary, but the metallic sheen the masks give are distinct to these products. Not only are metallic cosmetics a great way to express individuality, they draw in light and the eyes interest as an observer.

Cosmetics companies are making use of the addition of metals to their products in innovative ways. Once the addition of metal to cosmetics would seem counterintuitive but now its a fun way to add high-tech interest to a makeup look.