Dr. Brite's Activated Charcoal + Mint Mouth Rinse is 100% Organic

 - Sep 5, 2016
References: rodales
Dr. Brite is an oral care brand known for its organic and naturally sourced products and this activated charcoal mouthwash is no different. The charcoal and mint-infused mouth rinse works to cleanse and freshen one's breath naturally without relying on harsh alcohols and other chemicals to do so.

Each of Dr. Brite's products is made in California from a blend of Aloe Vera juice, vitamin c gel and spearmint essential oil ingredients. While the charcoal mouthwash's aloe ingredients work to keep users' mouths hydrated while strengthening tooth enamel, its vitamin c ingredients are added to reduce the occurrence of inflamed gums.

Additionally, the alcohol-free mouth rinse features refreshing mint while its activated charcoal ingredients work as its most powerful detoxifying agents.