From Subculture Skincare Branding to Unisex Fragrance Blends

 - Mar 21, 2017
These genderless beauty innovations range from subculture skincare branding to unisex perfume blends that feature a versatile and sophisticated scent profile. In addition to consumers' growing preference for gender-fluid fashion choices, their interest in like-minded beauty and skincare offerings is also prevalent. Some standout examples of genderless beauty include Electric Ink Tattoo Care's skincare range that is centered around a cultural phenomenon -- body art -- rather than consumers' gender or sexual orientation.

While more mainstream beauty brands are replacing female spokespeople with androgynous models or male brand ambassadors, skin and haircare brands are also following suit by rebranding to appeal to a more diverse demographic. This means adopting minimalist visual identities and packaging that appeals to travelers, fitness enthusiasts or others who are seeking simplicity and convenience while on the go. Mio Skincare's 'Gym Kit' is a winning example that is designed for post-workout use. Rather than targeting men or women, the brand appeals to a community of health-conscious consumers, tied together by their love of fitness.

Other emerging themes in the realm of genderless beauty include chemical-free or naturally sourced ingredients along with those inspired by ancient remedies and cultural rituals.