Seaskinne's Packaging is Inspired by Scientific Diagrams

 - Dec 19, 2016
Seaskinne's skincare branding draws inspiration from scientific diagrams like the Periodic Table of Elements and combines artisanal containers with minimalist typography. Seaskinne is a conceptual line of moisturizers, serums and oils that are organically sourced and nourishing when used both on one's face and body.

Featuring deep sea extracts as their main ingredient, these conceptual skincare products are packaged in brown and blue glass containers and cardboard packaging that boasts minimalist labels -- similar to those used to mark science experiments.

Conceived by graphic designer OEDIPE, this skincare branding concept embodies elegance while keeping function in mind. While the collection's gel soap is presented in a pump-accented bottle, its serum is equipped with a convenient wand for easy application. Additionally, the line's body oil is securely topped with a metal cap while its scrub boasts a ribbed plastic cap that acts as a freshness seal.