- Sep 5, 2017
These examples of clinical skincare branding range from pill-packaged face masks to vitamin-infused brightening serums that are conveniently encapsulated for one-time use.

In addition to growing more conscious about the natural ingredients that go into their skincare, today's consumers also respond to visually stimulating packaging -- in this case containers that appear scientific, minimalist, or apothecary-themed.

Standouts include Seaskinne's elemental brand identity which fuses brown and blue glass containers with logos inspired by retro, scientific diagrams. Similarly, OOZOO's potent serum face masks are infused with medicinal ingredients and features syringe-inspired packaging. This clinical skincare packaging not only supports medicinal ingredient claims, but also suggests that OOZOO's face masks are a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery.

From Pill-Packaged Face Masks to Vitamin Capsule Serums: