- Aug 29, 2017
These superfood skincare innovations range from hydrating blueberry creams to algae-infused face masks that replace harsh chemical ingredients with alternatives that are naturally sourced and gentle.

When it comes to fruit-based skincare products, standouts include Ariul's juice-inspired face mask range, which features skin-brightening ingredients like celery, kale, grapefruit, and lentil to name a few. This particular example is both good for the skin, and budget-friendly, making it a go-to for consumers seeking to nourish skin while on the go.

Other favorites to note include mushroom-based eye serums, and veggie skincare kits that target common concerns without featuring ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, superfood nailpolish sets prove that premium color and consistency can now be achieved without the use of the toxic agents commonly found in traditional nail color products.

From Hydrating Blueberry Creams to Algae-Infused Face Masks: