BLITHE's Mask is to Be Blended in the Sink with Water Before Application

 - Nov 1, 2016
References: glowrecipe & refinery29
A "splash mask" is an innovative kind of face mask that's currently very popular in South Korea and are applied to the skin in a unique way.

BLITHE's Patting Splash Mask of Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey is powered by a concentrated blend of botanical extracts and lactic acid, which are key to brightening the appearance of skin for a healthy glow.

What truly sets these K-beauty splash masks apart is how they are meant to be used. A consumer begins by filling their sink with water, then fills a cap full of the product and unlike most masks, which go directly from the container to the face, this one is poured into the water. From there, the mixture is simply splashed onto the face and the hands are used to pat the face dry.