From Therapeutic Laundry Kits to Fitness-Friendly Makeup Kits

 - Jul 6, 2017
These ritualized self care products range from fitness-focused skincare kits to aromachology-inspired face creams that are a modern take on ancient beauty practices. When it comes to curated skincare, an increasing number of brands are catering to consumers' niche interests. Whether creating products inspired by astrology, aromatherapy, or the mindful practice of yoga, skincare brands are forging stronger bonds with their target audience, thanks to a focus on authenticity and personalization.

When it comes to health and wellness supplements, standouts include custom vitamin subscriptions that make healthy goals achievable for those looking to boost their immune system, lose weight, or increase energy levels. Additional ritualized self care innovations to note include oral care and hygienic examples like on-the-go tooth whitening pens, and even therapeutic laundry kits that make cleaning clothes a relaxing experience rather than a chore.