Advisory Board Crystals Makes Packaged Arrangements to Suit the Seasons

While it's not difficult to find curated crystal sets online or at a local gem shop, Advisory Board Crystals is a new brand that specializes in creating crystal kits to help people get through upcoming seasons.

Crystals are hand-picked based on astrology, numerology and other factors, and are packaged as high-fashion essentials for surviving the season. The latest spring collection titled 'What Took You So Long?' takes note of the fact that 2016 is filled with retrograde activity and as such, includes Moonstone, Labradorite, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, and Chrysocolla to help "develop and enhance your chance at catching this moment in all aspects of the spectrum."

While healing crystals have been used around the world for centuries, they are only now beginning to permeate mainstream culture.