- Apr 20, 2017
These rejuvenating health supplements range from detoxifying protein milks to alkalizing superfood powders that work to boost one's immune system and overall energy levels. In addition to aesthetically pleasing products like The Nue Co's 'Milk Protein + Gut Food' blend -- a mixture that works to reduce bloating while aiding with digestion -- other standouts include charcoal elixirs like Luli's Tonix beverage that blends water and lemon with nourishing vitamins.

When it comes to supplement-infused snacks, this list's most notable examples include acai sorbet bites which are a diet-friendly dessert option, and probiotic fruit gummies like the range offered by Little Duck Organics.

Other rejuvenating health supplements that are dominating the market include spirulina-based energy bars along with superfood-based coffee cream powders that add flavor and nutrients to one's morning brew.

From Detoxifying Protein Milks to Alkalizing Superfood Powders: