Savse's 'Protein Punch' Puts a Healthy Spin on the Piña Colada

 - Jun 20, 2016
References: savse
'Protein Punch' is a healthy beverage from Savse that takes inspiration from the refreshing flavors of the tropical Piña Colada. Coconut, pineapple and lime are key ingredients in this vegetarian-friendly smoothie, as are vanilla, maca superfood powder and whey protein.

As well as being intriguing for its flavor, Savse notes that Protein Punch "is the UK’s first cold-pressed protein drink preserved using HPP," or High Pressure Processing, which means that there is no heating, pasteurisation or sugars added during processing.

This protein-packed smoothie is just one of the many food and beverage products that are emerging to provide an on-the-go way to supplement what may be missing from a consumer's main meals throughout the day.