From Bottled Cold Brew Coffees to Immunity-Boosting Smoothies

 - Jul 31, 2016
From ready-to-drink cold brew to immunity-boosting smoothies, the July 2016 beverage trends reveal that while consumers continue to prioritize convenience, they are also looking for products that do more than just hydrate.

In terms of convenience, consumers are eager to find way to skip the hassle of preparing time-consuming drinks themselves. For instance, Starbucks is helping consumers avoid the nearly day-long process of making cold brew by offering its own version in a ready-to-drink bottle. Similarly, brand such as Smartfruit and Bolthouse Farms are selling pre-mixed smoothies that require no additional blending.

While convenience remains a top priority, the July 2016 beverage trends reveal that consumers are also looking for more out of the drinks they are buying. Whether it is an energy boost or some extra vitamins, functional beverages are in high demand. Some examples of these functional drinks include beauty-boosting sodas, anti-inflammatory juices and even lactation-supporting smoothies.