Coco Taps Provides a Mess-Free Way to Enjoy Fresh Coconut Water

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: cocotaps & preparedfoods
'Coco Taps' is a handy tool that allows consumers to enjoy fresh coconut water straight from the fruit itself. While coconut water is an extremely popular drink, it can be difficult and dangerous to crack open a fresh coconut at home. This tool provides a hassle-free way to open and reseal coconuts anytime.

Coco Taps is a user-friendly tap and reusable cap that allow consumers to open up coconuts and then reseal them for future use. This allows consumers to enjoy the experience of drinking coconut water straight from the coconut itself, without the mess and hassle of actually cutting open the fruit. As Vince Zaldivar of Coco Taps explains, "Drinking straight from a fresh tapped coco improves the taste and nutritional values, with less packaging and a smaller carbon footprint."