From Wearable Brand Activations to Luxury Hotel Farmers Markets

 - Apr 24, 2016
The top April 2016 health ideas showcase the extended influence of the health and wellness movement and the continued success of experience-based marketing campaigns.

The Becel Blend Bar is an innovative activation conducted by Unilever that provides free culinary classes within the supermarket. Previously activating in the Netherlands, the Becel Blend Bar in Toronto is a great example of how a brand is able to assert their presence in-store with educational kiosks that highlight a product's best uses and other benefits. The Becel Blend Bar was set up inside the Toronto Loblaws flagship and featured appearances by local and international celebrity chef.

Separately, fitness wearable brand FitBit recently hosted an eight-part obstacle course at a Sport Relief event in London. The high-energy brand activation allowed families to test out the wristband and see the kind of data is collects during a workout.