Dirty Lemon's Healthy Detoxifying Drink Can Only Be Ordered by Text

 - Mar 22, 2016
References: dirtylemon & wellandgood
There are many reasons why health-conscious consumers will want to get their hands on Dirty Lemon's Raw Detox drink. This beverage is made from all-organic herb extracts, reverse osmosis filtered water, non-GMO lemons and pharmaceutical-grade activated charcoal.

As well as being right in line with a rise in health consciousness and other detoxifying food and drink products, Dirty Lemon is appealing for one other major reason. Ordering the beverage is easy, yet incredibly exclusive—it can only be obtained by text message. Shipments are made worldwide, which means that consumers can expect the drink order to arrive in about two business days.

After launch, this NYC-based company quickly took off, expanding to the UK and Australia. Soon, Dirty Lemon will also be releasing an all-new Skin + Hair tonic.