From Eco-Friendly Floating Greenhouses to Urban Surf Parks

 - Jul 18, 2016
Garden concepts can serve many different purposes. Like the ecologically sound floating greenhouses in Belgrade, they can be methods for teaching sustainable food production in urban spaces. Or, like Penda's winding pathway park in China, they can be tranquil spaces of reflection. They can even simply be something to add a little pizzazz to an otherwise empty area, as with the 'Plant-a-Bar' concept in Vermont. In any case though, these garden concepts encourage a better appreciation for nature, especially in urban spaces.

Whether in public parks or in private yards, gardens have long been associated with human cultivation of natural beauty. The onset of the modern metropolis during the Industrial Revolution called for a shift towards concrete and glass and away from green spaces. Cities are beginning to recognize the fault in that urban planning idea today, and so there is more room than ever for the merger of urban construction with urban gardening.