The Horti Hood Provides a Temporary Hothouse For Maximum Plant Growth

 - May 5, 2016
References: gardeners & thegreenhead
The Horti Hood Pop-Up Greenhouse is an asset to consumers looking to utilize a hothouse to grow plants, but don't necessarily have the space or access to a full sized one. The Horti Hood provides a foldable and compact plastic material curved dome that simulates the same insulated experience of a hothouse, with a portable design that can be set up temporarily in no time at all.

Greenhouses are often used to mass-produce plants, fruits and vegetables by elevating the temporal environment and the Horti Hood provides the same heated quality with a UV-stable PVC structure. The plastic exterior locks heat from the sun in by creating a sealed small space area for gardeners to keep their plants inside. The portable design is ideal for small rooftops, balconies or backyards.