- Jan 28, 2017
The top 2016 inventions trends show that there are always improvements to be made on even what seem to be the most futuristic technologies. One of the US Commissioners of Patents in the mid 19th century famously predicted that all human inventions would soon come to an end, and yet inventors are still finding myriad ways to add value and use to all sorts of products -- not to mention inventing new products altogether.

In many cases, the 2016 inventions trends revolve around marketing stunts. For example, the creators of South Park collaborated with Ubisoft to make a VR peripheral that adds scent to a recently released South Park video game, and KFC invented a flavored nail polish in order to promote the release of a new fried chicken flavor. Such inventions are a clever way to engage with consumers, as our annual innovation conference discusses in more detail.

From Virtual Reality Scent Devices to Mushroom-Based Leather: