'Kona Deep' is a Desalinated Beverage from Deep-Ocean Currents

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: konadeep & vegnews
Kona Deep is the name of a new bottled drinking water that's quite unlike may that came before it.

The Hawaii company sources its water from currents off of the coast of Kona, which once came from Greenland glaciers. Over time, this water has had plenty of time to absorb beneficial minerals. While the minerals are not stripped from the water before it is bottled for sale, Kona Deep is desalinated to make it drinkable.

From artisanal water packaging and unconventional water beverages derived from plants to bottled water sourced from the clouds, there's an indication that consumers are looking for more from water as a beverage; this is now a product that's being used to enhance health and lifestyles.