- Oct 18, 2016
While the idea of adding different flavors to water is nothing new, many brands are enhancing their flavored waters with unexpected ingredients and creating entirely new products for different types of consumers. These innovative products are not only meant to appeal to those looking for a hydrating beverage, but they may also appeal to those who are trying to replace sugary drinks such as soda with healthier alternatives.

When it comes to flavored waters, many brands are moving beyond fruity additives to explore more unconventional ingredients. For instance, Zpirit combines fruits with herbs such as basil, mint and sage for unique flavor combinations. Similarly, Rawpothecary sells a flavored water that is infused with ginger to provide consumers with a powerful immunity boost.

Beyond unconventional ingredients, brands are also creating infused waters for different types of consumers. As a result, there are now flavored waters designed for infants and young children, as well as functional waters for top athletes.

From Banana-Flavored Waters to Kid-Friendly Fruit Waters: