- Jan 30, 2017
The prerequisite for a unique trend is that it is totally unlike anything else (i.e. unique,) but the top 2016 unique trends show that even within totally individualized groups, connections begin to emerge. While the 2016 unique trends are virtually unprecedented in terms of content, their raisons de etre often line up with one another.

For instance, many of the unique trends are the result of shrewd and inventive marketing campaigns. As our FREE 2017 Trend Report shows, breaking down convention is essential for effectively cutting through the noise of other companies' campaigns. The Lexus Sriracha IS, for example, is a co-branding effort between Lexus and Huy Fong Foods, the makers of the popular hot sauce. Further, the street performances put on by Giffgaff, a UK telecoms company, brought passersby into surreal live activities to show them the freedom of using the service.

From Hot Sauce-Covered Cars to 18 Karat Gold Toilets: