The Inchworm Shezlong Uses a Duvet as Its Cushions

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: yankodesign
The Inchworm Shezlong, a low-cost couch design, is a godsend for the lazy. While lazing around on a couch is relaxing on a slow Sunday, sometimes even lying on a couch feels like work when compared to lying in bed. The Inchworm Shezlong in itself is just a metal frame, but it becomes the lap of luxurious laziness by getting its cushions from its owner's duvet.

With the Inchworm Shezlong, consumers never even need to unwind themselves from the embrace of their bedding. After the requisite lying around in bed, checking the phone and staring around aimlessly, consumers can simply pull their duvets along with them to the living room. With bedding in tow, all that a consumer needs to do is flop down onto the Inchworm and enjoy their ludicrously lazy day.