The Alcoholic Mixers by Savory 'Sicles Take the Form of Ice Pops

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: savorysicles & pastemagazine
While there are plenty of alcoholic mixers on the market that are available by the bottle, Savory 'Sicles sets itself apart by offering cocktail mixers in the form of small ice pops. In this format, it means that the contents of a packet can be added to an alcoholic beverage and no ice cubes need to be added to give the drink a slight chill.

Innovative non-alcoholic flavors from Savory ‘Sicles include ones that are able to expertly create the flavors of popular cocktails like the Pickleback, Moscow Mule and Bloody Mary.

In terms of alcohol pairings, Savory 'Sicles suggests using a base of whiskey or mezcal for the Pickle flavor, while vodka and tequila work well for the Mule and Bloody Mary flavors.