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Constantly breaking new bounds and entering new territories, Trend Hunter’s inventions category is here to highlight the constant influx of developments surrounding product innovation, DIY consumer goods and new technology.
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
From Futurist Cookbooks to Zero Waste Grocery Stores
At the heart of the top 2019 new venture trends is sustainability, with many brands and retailers introducing pledges, projects, product and packaging designs that support waste reduction and... MORE
Premium Liquid Cannabis
Premium Liquid Cannabis
ALT is Fast-Acting Water Soluble THC that is Considered First-of-its-Kind
There has been a rise in demand for THC- and CBD-powered products as marijuana becomes more socially acceptable and one of the more cutting-edge innovations in this space is ALT — premium liquid... MORE
Top 50 New Venture Ideas in November
Top 50 New Venture Ideas in November
From Vegan Airplane Menus to Autonomous Route Projects
The top November 2019 new venture concepts explore everything from traveling robots to luxury auto manufacturers accepting cryptocurrency payments. As a whole, some of the key themes that can be... MORE
Water-Powered Car Inventions
Water-Powered Car Inventions
Murat Ağbaş is Attempting to Build a Car That Functions on Water
Oil is an important resource for our current way of life, but sourcing and using it is also of great detriment to our planet and as a result, the concept of a water-powered car raises curiosity and... MORE
Motion-Powered Electrotherapy Devices
Motion-Powered Electrotherapy Devices
Researchers Develop a Special Bandage for Faster Healing
A new electrotherapy device is developed by a team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The product is a band that harvests the energy from movement through integrated nanogenerators. This energy... MORE
Photosynthetic Clothing
Photosynthetic Clothing
Roya Aghighi Develops Fabrics with Photosynthetic Properties
In the contemporary age, fabrics with photosynthetic properties are a reality as biology and nature are invited into the design process on a bigger scale. Roya Aghighi — a Canadian-Iranian designer,... MORE
Plant-Based Egg Alternatives
Plant-Based Egg Alternatives
Anne Larkins' Eggs are Made Out of Pea Protein, Salt, and Algae
Anne Larkins is a graduate from London’s Central Saint Martins and she challenges ethical food production by offering up a plant-based egg alternative. The product has somewhat of an odd... MORE
Self-Healing Waterproof Jackets
Self-Healing Waterproof Jackets
Coalatree Launched the New Whistler Windbreaker in Three Colorways
Coalatree, the sustainable and eco-friendly provider of outdoor apparel, recently expanded its product line with the introduction of the new Whistler Windbreaker. This extraordinary jacket boasts a... MORE
Shampoo Wipes
Portable hair-cleansing products come in wipe format
Trend - The continued popularity of dry shampoo has resulted in brands offering it in increasingly convenient formats, including in wipe and blotting paper form. These products enhance the portability of standard dry shampoos.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better prioritize convenience and portability?
Frog Cell-Based Living Robots
Frog Cell-Based Living Robots
Tufts University Scientists Pioneer the Xenobot as Tech Progress
Living robots and robots that can feel have been of interest to many. While some are surely fascinated by the prospect, others fear that it might mean the end of civilization. Regardless of these... MORE
Parody Winter Flip-Flops
Parody Winter Flip-Flops
Malibu Rum's Flip-Flop Insoles can be Slid into Winter Boots
Malibu rum just launched what claims to be the world’s first flip-flops adapted for the winter season: The flip-flop insoles. By re-designing the beloved summer companion, the flip-flop sandal,... MORE
play_circle_filled Off-the-Menu Watermelon Hams
Off-the-Menu Watermelon Hams
Ducks Eatery Has Stirred Up a Frenzy with This Unexpected Dish
For good or for bad, the watermelon ham at Ducks Eatery in New York City’s East Village has sent food bloggers and Internet users into a frenzy. This, however, is not unexpected. The... MORE
Water-Activated Beverage Cups
Water-Activated Beverage Cups
Smart Cups Introduces "the World's First Printed Beverage"
Across different industries, many brands are exploring the creation of waterless products to minimize waste and decrease shipping weights and Smart Cups is a first-of-its-kind “printed beverage.... MORE
Artistic Twisting Diffusers
Artistic Twisting Diffusers
TWYSTR Offers a Unique Aromatherapy Solution
The use of essential oils and aromatherapy solutions has become increasingly popular in recent times, with more people realizing the benefits of the products. Unfortunately, users of essential oils... MORE
play_circle_filled Efficient Coffee Brewers
Efficient Coffee Brewers
This Brewer Makes Cold Brew in 4 Minutes and Hot Coffee in 30 Seconds
FrankOne is a new coffee and cold brew maker that uses a new technology called VacTec to brew coffee. It makes cold brew in record time, just four minutes. FrankOne also makes coffee that is... MORE
Air-Based Meat Products
Air-Based Meat Products
Air Protein Makes Meat Without Requiring Land or Water
With the introduction of its innovative air-based meat, Air Protein is revolutionizing the food industry with a new category of air-based foods. The company’s meat is made with air-based... MORE
play_circle_filled Talking Rugby-Themed Water Coolers
Talking Rugby-Themed Water Coolers
The Heineken Water Cooler Offers World Cup Facts
With Rugby World Cup in full swing in Japan, Heineken has created the Heineken Water Cooler, a connected device that delivers three useful pieces of rugby news each day as people fill their cups... MORE
play_circle_filled Diffusing Skincare Applicators
Diffusing Skincare Applicators
Kao's Sensai Biomimesis Veil Leaves a Thin Layer of Product on Skin
Kao’s Sensai Biomimesis Veil is a unique skincare innovation that’s designed to leave a thin layer of product on the surface of the skin, leaving it looking flawlessly smooth. The unique... MORE
Plastic Asphalt
Plastic Asphalt
TechniSoil Industrial Attempts to Optimize Plastic Bottles for Road Use
Plastic asphalt might sound like an odd concept, especially in a time where sustainability mindsets strongly advocate against the use of the material across the board, however, TechniSoil Industrial... MORE
Space Lab-Grown Meats
Space Lab-Grown Meats
Aleph Farms Grew Clean Meat Off of Earth on the International Space Station
Aleph Farms, an Israeli food technology startup, is the first company to successfully create lab-grown meat in space. The organization was able to grow meat on the International Space Station—... MORE
Speedy 3D-Printed Robotic Fish
Speedy 3D-Printed Robotic Fish
Sander van den Berg's Fish Can Swim 0.85 Meters Per Second
Engineering and robotic implementation is of great focus in universities and a most recent example of a breakthrough comes from TU Delft where student Sander van den Berg has developed an incredibly... MORE
Cow Intestine Lighting
Cow Intestine Lighting
Kathrine Barbro Bendixen's Natural Lights Use an Unconventional Material
Kathrine Barbro Bendixen is a Danish designer that pushes all boundaries with these natural lights. The translucent tubes “twist around an LED [...] fixture” and the material that they... MORE
Innovative T-Cell Banks
Innovative T-Cell Banks
Cell Vault is Reassuring in Case of Health Risk & Probabilities of Cancer
Cell Vault is the world’s first T-cell bank that assures individuals are prepared if they need to face the worst. T-cells are a type of white blood cell that is extremely valuable when it... MORE
Futuristic Elevated Train Lines
Futuristic Elevated Train Lines
AeroSlider Seeks to Revolutionize the Way People Travel
Elevated train lines might be close to becoming a reality. This is good news especially for the people who have already begun to rethink the way they travel and are looking for alternative modes of... MORE
45 Design Student Innovations
45 Design Student Innovations
From Award-Winning Bio Materials to Deflating Balloon Dresses
Design student innovations build a robust category that is filled with imaginative concepts, some of which are realized, others not. Each collection presents the strongest work of young and emerging... MORE