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Constantly breaking new bounds and entering new territories, Trend Hunter’s inventions category is here to highlight the constant influx of developments surrounding product innovation, DIY consumer goods and new technology.
Self-Sufficient Space Travel
Self-Sufficient Space Travel
Tokyo Research's Project Turns Space Urine into Plant Fertilizer
Self-sufficient space travel is “an important step toward figuring out our space station future.” Scientists from Tokyo University of Science have conducted research and developed a way... MORE
Health-Monitoring Smart Toilet Concepts
Health-Monitoring Smart Toilet Concepts
Researchers at Stanford Pioneer a Data-Powered Toilet
Sanjiv Gambhir and his colleagues have debuted a unique smart toilet concept that will have long-term implications for health. Published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, the innovation consists of... MORE
No-Contact Robotic Restaurants
No-Contact Robotic Restaurants
KFC Opened a No-Contact "Restaurant of the Future" in Russia
To suit changing times, KFC opened what it calls a no-contact “restaurant of the future” in Russia that minimizes contact between employees and patrons. The restaurant was devised as a... MORE
Flavor-Synthesizing Devices
Flavor-Synthesizing Devices
Homei Miyashita Uses Electrically Charged Gel in Flavor Device
Japanese researcher Homei Miyashita and his team have developed a new flavor device that is rather interesting in its implications for creating “new possibilities for human-computer interaction.... MORE
Self-Driving Mobile Playgrounds
Self-Driving Mobile Playgrounds
Nendo Introduces an Interesting Use for Autonomous Vehicles
Nendo has proposed an autonomous mobile playground concept that is geared to take outdoor playtime to the next level with artificial intelligence. The innovative idea is dubbed ‘Coen Car’... MORE
Hybrid Hiking Technology
Hybrid Hiking Technology
This 2-in-1 System Offers Drinking and Cooling Abilities
With home quarantines and social distancing becoming the new normal, one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically fit is to become one with nature with hybrid hiking technology. A new start-... MORE
User-Friendly Brain-Computer Interfaces
User-Friendly Brain-Computer Interfaces
Neurable Raises $6 Million for a Game-Changing New Product
Neurable is a future-forward company. In 2017, it dabbled in the space of brain-controlled virtual reality and this resulted in people controlling a car in a game with their thoughts. Now, the... MORE
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
From Futurist Cookbooks to Zero Waste Grocery Stores
At the heart of the top 2019 new venture trends is sustainability, with many brands and retailers introducing pledges, projects, product and packaging designs that support waste reduction and... MORE
Virtual gifts and gift cards are becoming increasingly popular during COVID-19
Trend - Brands are launching special virtual gift cards during the COVID-19 pandemic. Either offered as a giveaway or as something for consumers to surprise their loved ones, this opportunity enables a safer gifting experience.
Workshop Question - How can you enable a safe connection between consumers during COVID-19?
Ground-Breaking Water Treatments
Ground-Breaking Water Treatments
CLEARAS Water Recovery Inc. is Preparing to Debut Its Technology
The village of Roberts and CLEARAS Water Recovery Inc. are coming close to unveiling their new ground-breaking water treatment solution. Considered to be a first-of-its-kind in the world,... MORE
Ultra-Thin Hot Water Bottles
Ultra-Thin Hot Water Bottles
Undu is a Revolutionary Hot Water Bottle Design for Menstrual Cramps
The hot water bottle design has remained relatively the same over the course of the years. Now, however, a team led by Charlie Katrycz—a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of... MORE
Photosynthesis-Mimicking Devices
Photosynthesis-Mimicking Devices
U of Cambridge Scientists Boast a New Renewable Energy Device
A new renewable energy device has been developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge, UK. The innovation is inspired by natural processes and appeals to the biomimicry design approaches.... MORE
play_circle_filled Fully Automated Robofarms
Fully Automated Robofarms
AutoGreens is the World's First Fully Automated Robofarm
AutoGreens is the world’s first fully automated robofarm for home or restaurant. It is two times more efficient, two times more nutritious, and up to 10x cheaper. Moreover, it’s an easier,... MORE
2D-Printed Drink Discs
2D-Printed Drink Discs
Effusio Makes Eco-Friendly Discs That Dissolve in Hot & Cold Liquids
While people may be familiar with the concept of adding dissolvable pods and pucks to create flavorful drinks, Effusio is pushing the envelope on this idea with 2D-printed functional drink discs.... MORE
Digital Fashion Houses
Digital Fashion Houses
The Fabricant Explores the Intersection of Fashion & Technology
At a time when the fashion industry is being reshaped by digital showrooms, virtual events, computer-generated models and virtual reality experiences, The Fabricant sets itself apart as a completely... MORE
Biodesigned Animal-Free Collagen
Biodesigned Animal-Free Collagen
Geltor Revolutionized the Ingestible Beauty Industry with Collume
“Designed for unparalleled skincare performance,” Geltor absolutely revolutionized the ingestible beauty industry by introducing its 100% animal-free collagen technology. The products... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Space Posters
Interactive Space Posters
Curiscope's Multiverse Posters Features an AR Design
Curiscope’s Multiverse posters come to life with Augmented Reality. Consumers can simply point their phone or tablet at the posters and interact with the planets in detail: explore hotspots,... MORE
Protective Knitted Jumper Designs
Protective Knitted Jumper Designs
Mastectomy Caregiver is Intended for Breast Cancer Survivors
Emerging designer Pauline Agustoni has pioneered a new knitted jumper design that is built around the importance of concepts like accessibility and inclusivity. The ‘Mastectomy Caregiver&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Building Block Coding Toys
Building Block Coding Toys
Cody Block is a Screen-Free Coding Toy for Children
Cody Block is a screen-free coding toy for children aged 3 to 9. It launched on Kickstarter on the 7th of April and is already more than 60% funded. Cody Block’s narrative follows a little... MORE
AI-Designed 3D-Printed Rocket Engines
AI-Designed 3D-Printed Rocket Engines
Hyperganic Debuts a Rocket Engine That is Continuous
Hyperganic—which is a software company based in Germany—has debuted a 3D-printed rocket engine that is designed by artificial intelligence. The innovation is ground-breaking and it boasts an... MORE
play_circle_filled Allergen-Reducing Cat Foods
Allergen-Reducing Cat Foods
Purina's Innovative Cat Food Diet Reduces Cat Allergies in Humans
With Pro Plan LiveClear, Purina is introducing a breakthrough cat food diet that’s been shown to reduce allergens in cat hair and dander in a matter of weeks. As a result, people in cat-owning... MORE
Temperature-Responsive Jackets
Temperature-Responsive Jackets
Skyscrape's Adaptable Jackets Get Warmer as Temperatures Drop
Most outerwear designs are assigned a temperature rating that indicates the kind of protection offered for inclement weather but Skyscrape stands apart by making adaptable jackets that dynamically... MORE
Postpartum Recovery Underwear
Postpartum Recovery Underwear
Nyssa's Innovative 'Fourthwear' Holds an Ice/Heat Pack
For new mothers, this product aims to be the next generation of postpartum underwear. This garment, dubbed Fourthwear, is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs and new mothers who were frustrated by... MORE
Protective Athletic Masks
Protective Athletic Masks
Reebok's Face Mask Concepts Imagine Post-Pandemic Fitness
To address the fact that working out will undoubtedly look a little different over the next while, Reebok created a series of athletic mask concepts to support the new normal. Reebok’s... MORE
Clinically Tested CBD-Powered Tampons
Clinically Tested CBD-Powered Tampons
Daye Revolutionizes Feminine Care by Introducing CBD Tampons
Aside from its highly future-forward CBD tampons, Daye is attempting to “raise the standards of female health products” and it is doing so through education, a sustainable business model,... MORE