From Celebratory Frozen Drink Flavors to Cake-Inspired Cocktails

 - Jul 31, 2016
This slushie drinks are a delicious way to cool down and beat the summer heat. Many of these slush beverages are homemade recipes as well, giving you a fun project to try. Slushie cocktails are also a popular choice, adding a wide variety of alcohols to the mix, from pink wine to the stronger stuff.

Wine slushies are becoming an increasingly popular refreshment for this time of year, as evidenced by berry wine slushies, Italian wine slushies and refreshing rosé slushies. This often gives the slushie drinks a visually appealing hue as well as a boozy boost.

Experimenting with unusual flavors or changing ingredients is another way to go. Opting for more delicate flavors such as whimsical rose or pineapple juice moves away from some of the extreme Slurpees you might find at 7/11.