'Ice & Easy' Frozen Alcoholic Drinks are Meant to Be Enjoyed Chilled

'Ice & Easy' is a line of frozen alcoholic drinks that come packaged in convenient pouches. These bags are meant to be kept into the freezer until they are ready for consumption. At this time, the drink can be left out until it gets the consistency of a chilled slushie.

The ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages come in a range of flavors, including mojito, margarita, strawberry daiquiri and piña colada that require no mixing of any kind. Each 250-millimeter pouch contains about 5% ABV, which is comparable to many other alcoholic beverages that come in cans and bottles.

In addition to its Ice & Easy drinks, The Ice Co also makes a range of other inventive ice products that complement alcoholic beverages, including ice cubes that are oversized or infused with fresh citrus slices.