From Boozy Pistachio Eggnogs to Apple Cider Sangrias

 - Dec 22, 2015
With Christmas only days away, these festive drink recipes are the perfect way to celebrate the remainder of the holiday season. Whether you prefer a warm cup of cocoa or a boozy Christmas cocktail, these delicious holiday drinks are the perfect choice.

For those who are craving something warm and indulgent, look no further than a cup of gourmet hot chocolate. Instead of using store-bought drink mix, these recipe call for a combination of sweet and flavorful ingredients. Some of these chocolatey holiday drinks include cake-inspired hot cocoa, Mayan drinking chocolate and hazelnut pumpkin hot chocolate.

If you're looking for something on the alcoholic side, there are a number of festive drink recipes that feature a boozy twist. These recipes include classics such as spiked eggnog and mulled wine. As well as some unexpected beverages such as gingerbread cocktails and candy cane shooters.