This Iced Green Tea Latte from Peet's Coffee & Tea Boasts Peppermint Flavors

 - Nov 23, 2015
References: peets
Peet's Coffee & Tea is known for its diverse beverage range that includes menu items like this refreshing iced matcha latte. In addition to featuring matcha green tea powder, this cool beverage is also infused with peppermint syrup -- used as a natural sweetener and sugar substitute.

While matcha green tea powder is commonly used as an additive in both cool and warm beverages like lattes and smoothies, peppermint is a holiday favorite that is ideal for cooler seasons. This refreshing matcha latte is iced to perfection and boasts an unexpected additive of peppermint. Ideal for the holiday season, this drink is not only tasty but is enriched with natural antioxidants and is a cooler version of a traditional Christmas beverage.