From Fermented Coffee Beans to Wine-Inspired Juice Blends

 - Mar 8, 2016
These fermented beverage innovations range from specialty coffee beans to wine-inspired juices that are aged much like an alcoholic blend would be. When looking at popular and emerging products in the healthy beverage market, kefir and Kombucha beverages are immensely popular and are marketed as a great source of probiotics. Notable examples include Master Brew Kombucha's healthy dessert tea collection which replaces artificial sweeteners with healthy sugar alternatives and Kombrewcha's tea-based beer range that lets drinkers indulge without the guilt.

When examining the hospitality and retail industries, a rise of DIY brewing businesses and fermented beverage bars is prevalent. In addition to Toronto's very own Fermentations -- a craft brewery and hobby shop that features all that is needed to make one's own beer, wine or craft cocktails -- other standouts include Sydney's tea-based cocktail bar, The Rabbit Hole. In addition to its menu of fresh Kombucha teas, the bar also offers signature cocktails with a healthy ingredient twist.