This Boozy Kombucha Drink is Packed with Healthy and Nutritious Probiotics

 - Jul 5, 2015
References: honeymoonbrewery & bustle
The 'HoneyMoon Brewery' has developed an boozy kombucha drink, which combines the healthy properties of fermented tea with the delicious taste of beer. Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains vinegar, B vitamins and healthy probiotics. The nutritious drink has grown in popularity over the years and now consumers may be able to enjoy the health benefits of kombucha without sacrificing their love of beer.

The New Mexico-based brewery is producing the new kombucha-inspired beers as a way of catering to both craft beer drinkers and health-conscious consumers. As brewery founder Ayla Bystrom-Williams explains, "HoneyMoon has created a refreshing take on the complex and effervescent nature of kombucha by bridging beer brewing and kombucha brewing techniques." By using these two distinct brewing processes, the brewery has managed to developed a drink that combines the healthy properties of fermented tea with the alcohol content of beer.

While the HoneyMoon Brewery is still working on the final recipe for its boozy kombucha drink, the beer should be available for release by the end of 2015.