From Wearable Medical Devices to Festival Fitness Gear

 - Jan 24, 2016
The top 2015 health trends are a testament to the shifting consumer mindset towards a more healthy and wholesome lifestyle. As consumers become more informed on things like the importance of diet and exercise, the demand for healthier foods and unique fitness experiences continues to rise.

In the realm on food, consumers are looking for nutritious meals and dishes that still maintain the element of convenience. Products like pre-packaged health kits and meal delivery start-up services are enabling consumers to maintain a healthy diet without having to compromise their schedules.

Fitness has evolved to motivate people through gamification, virtual reality and exotic settings. As the attention spans of consumers continue to decrease, gyms and health clubs are creating unexpected and experiential workouts for consumers.

The growing demand for health-conscious products and services has even influenced the beauty world with vegan skincare lines and natural Middle Eastern cosmetic collections.

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