An LED Jump Rope Displays Your Workout Stats As the Cord Whips Past You

This LED jump rope is not the first hi-tech skipping rope to revolutionize the way that modern men and women work out; however, there's a unique feature to this sleek piece of equipment that you certainly won't discern until the apparatus is in use.

With cords that lead out from ergonomic 45-degree angles, the jumprope and its ball-bearing joints offers a smooth fitness experience. Set yourself in motion by grasping the metallic handgrips, and you'll be surprised to see your hop count digitized right before your eyes. Joen Choe created the cutting-edge Smart Rope to give you instant, constant feedback.

What's more, the Tangram Factory product is integrated with the company's Smart Gym app for smartphones. Exercise data from the LED jump rope can be viewed and analyzed to enable consumers to take convenient control of their physical health.

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