From Intelligent Water Bottles to Intuitive Weight Scales

 - Dec 18, 2015
In addition to fulfilling primary purposes as alarm clocks, food scales, bed sheets and more, these smart health devices also work to assess a user's overall health and wellness. Rather than taking the form of a device that's clearly meant for monitoring health, these devices adopt inconspicuous designs.

While it's to be expected that water bottles will be used for tracking hydration and mattresses for measuring the quality of sleep, other objects are being put to use for tracking unexpected aspects of health. For instance, SOAK is a textile coating that can be used to detect dehydration and AYO's glasses are used not to enhance vision, but treat jet lag with blue light therapy.

At the same time wearable devices are growing in popularity, there is also a movement to enhance everyday objects with the capabilities of these devices in order to provide more comfort and convenience. For many consumers, embracing one new feature on a familiar object seems far less daunting than introducing an entirely new health-tracking system into their lives.