This Inhaler System from Gecko Health Links to an App to Track Users

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: caretrx & designindaba
The CareTRx healthcare system by Gecko Health is a smart inhaler that syncs to a companion app.

The smary inhaler system is capable of tracking and monitoring the medical dosage of prescriptions and the different symptoms of individual users. Pressing down on the inhaler automatically stores data into a digital cloud and notifies users if they are over or under their prescribed dosage at any given time.

This system from Gecko Health is also intended to help children learn about proper inhaler usage. A light on the inhaler glows when it's time for another dosage is due, and a reward system can even be used to reward patients for taking the correct dosage. Data gathered from this smart inhaler system can be used to track and share different patterns across asthmatic populations with healthcare professionals .